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Cast-in lifting hoop type AS 28.0 - AS 95.0

If very heavy or massive concrete elements (hall girders and beams, columns, bridge elements etc.) have to be lifted, transported and mounted, the use of Cast-in lifting hoops for the heavy load range up to 95 t capacity is obvious. Used wire-rope is bonded and forms a loop which encloses a concrete core – thus it enables very high load-bearing capacities for this transport anchor type. Although this heavy-duty anchor is always combined with an individual design service from PHILIPP, the Cast-in lifting hoop in this application area is nevertheless convincing with an unbeatable price / performance ratio.

can be installed without any further recess former
no special lifting key or Lifting loop with threaded end is needed, shackle with Wire protection pulley is enough
very high load capacities depending on the element geometry possible

Wire protection pulley

The Wire protection pulley is an accessory for the Cast-in lifting hoop and is used to protect the wire resp. to ensure the capacity of the anchor during lifting. It is available as a steel or high quality plastic (POM) version and avoids a strong deformation of the wire rope caused by too small radii at the loading point.

Bar-shaped element (e.g. purlin, waler, beam)