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Thousands of heavy concrete elements for building projects are lifted, transported and mounted every day all over the world. These permanent movements are our challenge concerning reliability and safety.
We provide required strength and stability to achieve aims confidently -  for more than 50 years. Our experience, expertise, innovation strength and our certified quality “Made in Germany”

are combined with a high degree of sense of responsibility, sustainability and reliability for our area, our dedicated employees and our customers in Germany as well as worldwide.


This year we will focus on the topics of impact sound insulation and shear dowel connections of the company Pakon AG - with a unique booth concept!

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Family addition in May 2023

As of now, new colleagues are actively supporting us at the Aschaffenburg location.

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FIT FOR 2025

As part of our future program "FIT FOR 2025", our training coordinators will be intensively prepared for their future tasks starting today!  We were able to win Ms. Iris Irbah for this purpose.

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